Get ready for Game Night on Mount Olympus where friends compete like family and family fight like Gods. Opening this box will release Pandemonium! The kind of curse that will inflict laughter, strategy, and chaos to Game Night.

Welcome Mortals, Gods, and Reverse Centaurs to Pandora’s Box Card Game. The fast-paced, high-energy strategic card game built for Game Night. The goal is to get the lowest score by matching God cards to cancel out points, attacking your opponents with Reverse Centaur Lock/Keys, and avoiding the curses the Gods are so eager to send.

Pandora’s Box Card Game is easy-to-learn and quick to play. The Core Game (70 cards) is designed for 2-5 players and takes about 15 minutes to play (does not include breaks for laughter and friendly frustration). The Party Expansion (76 cards) is perfect for 6-10 players and can be played anywhere strategy and chaos are accepted.

What makes Pandora’s Box so great for Game Night is that it fits whatever setup you desire. If you’re a hardcore gamer like Athena and you want to play multiple rounds keeping score to crown a champion, you can. If you’re like Dionysus and you want to maximize the laughter as scores take a back-seat to the drinks that accompany every Gad Zeus, bottom’s up. And what if you’re Hera hosting a family party? Easy enough, play it round by round until the fights overtake the fun and you are screaming that the party is over.

Pandora’s Box Card Game is designed with laughter, strategy, and chaos in mind…just be careful when if you combine it with ooey gooey Game Night cookies. The combination is ridiculously powerful. Welcome to Game Night on Mount Olympus. May the Gods ever be in your favor!





The residents of Mount Olympus are powerful and don’t play nice. These cards are how you collect points or cancel them out in Pandora’s Box. Each God’s unique point value can be found on the corners of each card.



Pandora opened the box and unleashed untold evil on the world to ravage mankind and mess up your card game. There are three types of Curse cards: Famine, Jealousy, and Pandora’s Box. Each one will inflict Pandemonium on a player or group of players.

When a Curse card has been played there’s Pandemonium to pay. If you’ve been hit with a Curse you must do the following:

1- Discard the Curse and any Lock/Key cards affected by the Curse into the River Styx
2- Flip ALL of your cards face down and randomly scramble them
3- Reset your columns and start over on your next turn



Lock/Key Cards

Every family has a black sheep, on Olympus they have a whole flock. Who knew Mermaid and FishMan could be so awkward at Game Night! Lock/Key cards do just what they state: Lock a face down card on your opponent’s board or Unlock a Lock/Key card that has been placed on a card on your board.



Each player receives 8 cards put into 4 columns (top and bottom). Cards remain face down until your turn. The remaining cards are placed in the center of the game as the draw pile and are officially named “Mount Olympus”. The table also has a “River Styx” discard pile for used Curse cards and Lock/Key cards. Each player has an “Underworld” personal discard pile where God cards will be placed.



In Pandora’s Box, you are trying to match cards of the same God in columns. As long as at least one card (top or bottom) is face down in a column, it is considered incomplete and you can freely switch out either card. However, once both the top and bottom card are face up (this includes a Lock/Key card) that column is considered complete and you can no longer replace the cards in that column.



On the first round (or after Pandemonium) the player will reveal two cards in their columns. Hopefully they are two God cards so you can continue with your normal turn by drawing a card from either the draw pile (Mount Olympus) or from another player’s discard pile (Underworld). If they are either a Lock/Key card or a Curse card then the player will follow the rules for those cards and their turn is over.



Sometimes the God’s smile upon us mortals. When you replace a card with a face down card on your board you have a chance for a Gad Zeus! If the revealed face down card is a match to a God in an incomplete column you get to keep playing that card to cancel out the points. This is always accompanied with a shout, dab, or yodel of “Gad Zeus!” Multiple Gad Zeus! actions can happen on the same turn.



Each player will either draw a card from the draw pile (Mount Olympus) or from another player’s discard pile (Underworld) and play it on their board or discard it in their discard pile. If at any time the drawn card or the revealed face down card are a Lock/Key card or Curse card they must follow the instructions for those cards and their turn is over.



The first player to complete all four columns on their board ends the game, giving every player one more turn. After the final round, in order of game play, players reveal their remaining face down cards (beware, curse cards can restart the chaos of the game at any point even down to the last card revealed).



Any columns (top and bottom card) that have the same God cancel out those points. If a column does not match the player adds up those points. Players that have two, three, or four adjacent columns with the same God receive a Midas Touch bonus. Finally the person that went out first gets the Laurel Wreath bonus. Bonus points are negative points (see instructions). Calculate the score and to the victor goes the spoils.


Lazy like Dionysus? Or efficient like Athena? Rather than read these rules, watch our video!



You’re invited to game night along with all the gods of Mount Olympus. What happens when you unlock the box?!



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Pandora’s Box Card Game